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In challenging times, we need easy ways to give and receive help.  Register as an individual and request support from your community or volunteer to help the causes you care about. It's free!

Karma Volunteering app is always free to use

We’ll never show you adverts, we don’t ask for donations and we won't sell your data. 

You can help spread the word about activities you support by sharing straight to social media.

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How does Karma work?

Choose the causes you care about and browse activities in your area that meet your availability. 

Add your chosen activities to your favourites or sign up to volunteer directly on the app!

It's easy to sign up and cancel directly from the app. We even add it to your calendar!

Volunteer and support your favourite causes

Request help from your trusted community

In these challenging times it's important to be able to tap into our communities for help. Whether for ourselves or for our loved ones in need, Karma makes it really easy to post an activity that you need help with. 

All you need is an image, provide the date, time and location (it can be virtual!) and any pre-requisites e.g. women only, if it's a physical activity and if ID will be required.

Sign up as an individual or non profit

Register as an individual to find support in your area or volunteer to help the causes you care about in a few simple steps! 

Browse and filter to see your favourite causes

By cause, activity, location or date.  Set your preferences and quickly see who needs your help nearby.

Volunteer or request help from your community

Easily post an activity to get help for you or a loved one or sign up for an activity. Recieve confirmation directly on the app!


Karma Volunteering is a free platform that was created to find people-power to support your meaningful causes. Before and after Covid, communities have been coming together to support each other and the most vulnerable in our neighbourhoods.  

We built Karma with a simple mission: to make it easy to do good.  

Karma Volunteering started life as a student project at King's College London, conceived and designed by Danielle Dodoo and built by King's College Informatics students.  Collectively, we have decades of experience across multiple sectors, including volunteer management, app development, software engineering and IT project management.  Check out the team here.

The Team

Are you a non-profit or charity? 

Contact us to set up your organisation on Karma and easily reach thousands of volunteers. 

It's the easiest way to find and get confirmed volunteers.

We are also looking for volunteers to support us in running our not-for-profit app!

Get in touch!

Simple, convenient and clear

Each available activity has clearly marked time slots to choose from.  When you sign up to help, the organiser is immediately prompted to confirm your registration.  If there's a match, we will put you in touch - it's that simple.

Adam Wangrat

Software Engineer